“Hehe” Surpasses “LOL” as Most Obnoxious Thing on Internet

I know its hard to properly emote in today’s 160-character charade of communication. Most people only have a few words or seconds through which to completely convey their meaning. Simple, boiled down devices to help move along intent or emotion of thought can be important tools.

However, LOL and ‘hehe’ are just obnixious to a degree that I can barely stand. Through them, I experience a retching hatred for all things facebook, twitter, IM and text related. For whatever reason, LOL has elevated itself to a point in cultural awareness that in many cases transcends its original meaning. Therein, it is relevant to our language and spared the wrath of the cynical. However, the use of “hehe” to replace LOL as the articulation of finding something funny/being snarky, however, is an abomination. When I imagine someone making the sound “hehe” via Facebook, etc, I want to unload a shipment of condescension that would most likely get me ‘unfriended’. Hehe, indeed.


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